حصريا على الخوارزمي مجموعة إنشاءات في اللغة الإنجليزية writing الجزء الاول - فضاء الخوارزمي

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الجمعة، 14 نوفمبر 2014

حصريا على الخوارزمي مجموعة إنشاءات في اللغة الإنجليزية writing الجزء الاول

حصريا على الخوارزمي مجموعة إنشاءات في اللغة الإنجليزية writing 

حماية البيئة واجب

In fact, the protection of the environment is a national duty as it is a necessary task par excellence passivity of man's relationship with the environment worsened until it reached its cause damage difficult to overcome or avoided, and the fact that most environmental problems resulting from lack of planning real and realistic, and what we need today and urged the programs for environmental awareness begins with the child in school, as is our duty to preserve the planet and our duty to the whole world in maintaining a healthy environment ensure that future generations live in the following health and safety. 

السمنة obesity 

Obesity is an excess of body fat that frequently results in a significant impairment of health. Obesity results when the size or number of fat cells in a person's body increases. A normal-sized person has between 30 and 35 billion fat cells. When a person gains weight, these fat cells first increase in size and later in number. One pound of body fat represents about 3500 calories.
Problems of obesity : Increase the proportion of heart disease and thrombosis in persons who have obesity increases the natural rate compared to ordinary people.
In addition to increasing the proportion of diseases of joints, especially joints legs And the loss of the aesthetics of the person and the loss of aesthetic strength, especially females. And difficult to interact with multiple business requirements It can protect the body from obesity and eating through,Vegetables are low in calories, and contains vitamins.
,And reduction of carbohydrates and fats ,And do some exercise to remove the accumulated grease,And stay away from drinking water while eating

رايك في الموضة 

I think that people walk on the mode of religion Faculties personal 
, Confidence is very low Not bad
The taste of the person Reflect the
Their way of dressing and deal with others reflect the personality of the individual
But where his personality if he imitates others
The concept of fashion for me is the tradition
So I always like to I do not follow fashion has never
On the contrary, I do not fashion
It is alien to our society
It is intended to Classification of young Muslims in their faith
And far from the customs and traditions and national identity
So, be independent with yourself and make your own style

ظاهرة التسول Begging 

Begging or panhandling is to request a donation in a supplicating manner. Beggars are commonly found in public places such as street corners or public transport, where they request money, most commonly in the form of spare change. They may use cups, boxes or hats to collect the donations

Reasons for the phenomenon of begging due mainly to poverty and unemployment. However, the society's perception of begging vary from country to country and from one person to another,

To avoid this topic phenomenon, which increase day after another need to raise awareness and create job opportunities for the unemployed and the establishment of institutions that provide important assistance to avoid this topic phenomenon

رسالة تدعو فيها صديقك كي يقلع عن التدخين

Dear Ahmed , 

How are you?Are you fine?I hope you enjoying your life. 

I heard that you had been smoking with your friends in the publics. 

I want to advise you that smoking can make your lungs dangerous. 

You should quit smoking.If your friends does not want to quit smoking let them be. 

I really do not want you have lungs cancer.Smoking can make you die.Smoking llooks cool but it will regret you.Believe me. 

I hope you will stop smoking.I hope you will not follow your bad friends. 

You can follow your good friends but not your bad friends.If you have lighter and cigrattes,please throw away that.If you cannot stop smoking,please kindly call the Quit Smoking Helpline. 

I hope to hear from you soon! 

Yours Sincerely, 


A wedding party
وصف حفل عرس

Last year I was invited to my cousin’s wedding, so I wore my best clothes : a new kaftan and a scarf. I put some make-up, too. When we arrived at my cousin’s, we were pleased to see the house decorated with lamps and flowers. The groom’s family received us warmly, with dates and milk. Then, we chose a good place and sat down waiting for the party to begin.

After twenty minutes, the bride and the groom came accompanied with naghaffa, a woman who organises the procession and chooses the clothes for the bride to wear each time she appears to the guests. The groom was wearing a djellaba and the bride was wearing a beautiful kaftan. They both looked charming as they greeted the guests who were wishing them well.

When the groom and the bride sat on the armchairs reserved for them, the music continued to play and the waiters served juice and cakes. We really enjoyed ourselves dancing, laughing and sometimes singing with the band folk songs. An hour later, we had dinner, which was special and quite delicious.

Finally, we gave our gifts to the bride and the groom, wishing them a happy life, and we were given some sweets. It was an unforgettable party; we had a good time indeed

اكتب عن حدث وقع لك سعيد او العكس

Write about a happy or an unhappy event

Life is full of good and bad events. As far as I am concerned, I had a terrible experience that I still remember and I always tell my friends about it.

It was a Sunday evening when my family decided to visit my aunt. I refused to go with them because I had some homework to do. After doing my homework, I made a pizza, ate it and started revising my lessons. Suddenly, I heard a noise at the door. It seemed that somebody was trying to open the door. The door was forced open. I hid under the bed and I phoned my father, using my mobile phone. The burglars took what they could carry but my father came with the police who arrested them.

The surprise was that the burglars were actually our neighbours who thought that no one was in the house. My family gave me due respect because I saved a lot of their things. I’m still proud of what I did.

تأثير البيئة على صحة الانسان

Your health depends on your daily behaviour and habits and also on the environment where you live 

We can’t deny that health is affected by habits and environment. It is true that there are certain behaviours that have a negative impact on our health. For example, Moroccan people who are known for overeating and inactivity suffer from blood pressure and heart attack. In contrast, the French, who have balanced diets and exercise regularly, suffer less from these health problems. Besides, some statistics prove that people who consult a doctor regularly don’t have serious health problems.

In addition, the environment has an impact on our health. Living in a clean environment helps people to keep healthy and not to have respiratory problems or chest pains. Pollution can kill people. People who live in sunny and clean places and breathe in fresh air are likely to keep healthy and live happily.

رسالة تعزية شخص فقد والده
Dear Ahmed,

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your dear father. I am so sorry about your loss.

Although I never met your father, I know how much he meant to you. Through your stories of his frugality, his love of nature, and his loving support of you, I feel as though I knew him. I know he was a fine man and that his absence will be felt by many people.

When my father died, it gave me a good feeling to talk with people about him. I would enjoy hearing more about your father and his life if you would like to share memories when we get together. In the meantime, I will be thinking of you and your family.With deep sympathy 

رسالة اعتذار عن عدم حضور حفل زواج

Dear Mustapha, 
Many thanks for your invitation to attend your son's wedding, to be held on the fifth day of the current month. 
I am suffering from a bad cold which obligers me to stay in bed. I enclose a cheque for a small amount which is intended to the bride and bridegroom as a wedding present. 
I wish to the newly weds happiness and many grandchildren to you. 
Yours Truly

وصف شخص
Mr Mustapha is a thin man, strong as his bark, slow, lucid one of the men who seem made to be always in touch with their favorite world: the sea
He has a big nose, big forehead, big eyes that can detect the deepest secrets of the sea
It offers, at first sight a vague resemblance Cousteau discovered the hidden signs of a world completely different from ours.
His teeth are black and few, his mouth is so wrinkled that it delivers a blend of vocabulary relating to maritime affairs.
This is a great man and a true professional fisherman.
Self-confidence and resignation fish hook tormented by a rare compassion, harmony of body and soul, good heart, all his qualities made him a respectful person

حوادث السير نتائجها واسبابها

The results of traffic accidents and their causes

Cause of traffic accidents on public roads, loss of significant human and material drain on human and material resources and take the lives of thousands of people annually from all ages, and which have negative psychological and social families of the victims. 

Hardly a day goes by without hearing about a traffic accident here and another there and the fall of the innocent victims, so that whole families are the victims of traffic accidents unfortunate sometimes. 

Causes of traffic accidents are many and varied from lack of preparation of the car and the varying technical expertise and knowledge of drivers to drive a car and ignorance of the law of speeding traffic and poor roads and other causes that lead to the occurrence of mishaps .

وصف مشاركة مؤسستك المدرسية بالاحتفال باليوم العالمي للبيئة

Describe the involvement Foundation school observance of World Environment Day 

In commemorating the International Day of the Earth and the Environment allocated secondary second half of the morning for the day Saturday, 17/04/2010 station mission to embrace a range of environmental activities contributed to the activation of pupils and students in the organization and were framed from their teachers and the various components of Directors, where he was during remind everyone the importance of maintaining the planet and thus creating a clean environment to ensure a healthy life for all. In order to motivate everyone to engage in a project to create a healthy atmosphere has opened a multi-institution works with a group of pupils and students clean the classrooms The second group has planted some trees and flowers. While costing the third set and frame the professors left the national anthem on one wall organization, as well as do some murals and the municipal workers pruned some trees, which increased from an aesthetic enterprise in an atmosphere characterized by a spirit of citizenship and high all participated in the success of this day of the week allocated to the land and the environment

Distance Learning

التعليم عن بعد

Intended to distance learning to use communication technology and computer technology in the education process. This is called the process also terms such as
Internet-Based Learning , Distributed Learning ,Computer-Mediated Communication . And distance education is the transfer of science centers, with whom in the capitals of States to cities away where there are no means and modes of knowledge vast and specialized. And the connection between the student recipient and lecturer interactive interactive and allows the distance education system the ability to receive lectures from a source far from the place of the lecture At the same the same speed implementation time and real time application of this system can be broadcast live and taped lectures with high efficiency, where the listener or student from attending a lecture inside or outside the borders of Marocco. 

Reasons for making the day a global environment 

اسباب جعل يوم عالمي للبيئة 
Experiencing the globe, from high rates of contamination in all parts of the world, trying to organizations and associations to protect the alert to this danger and work to reduce the aggravation of this phenomenon, which threatens the lives of so many human beings and their vulnerability to extinction, especially some species of animals, plants and marine resources in addition to the dangers that threaten the health man 

The festival environment

The festival was conceived by lovers of nature to give all the pleasure to discover or rediscover its natural resources, to renew ties strong with the environment. For five days, professional and volunteer networks of Conservation discover (free) areas known or unknown. 
Hundreds of walks in familiar places like corners normally inaccessible, are organized by those who know every detail. 
The public is invited to discover species emblematic or unrecognized, some familiar territory to survey led by naturalist guides, to better understand the work and passion for natural area managers, foresters, actors of protection nature which ensure the maintenance of biodiversity. 
For this fourth edition, the organizers would like to see participate as individuals. They are likely to maintain a piece of nature in their property or their simple garden. Creating conviviality and exchange about the nature in private places is now an objective of the Festival of Nature 2010. 
Naturalists are near you, and you do not know ... They always show you what lies behind the door ... 
This festival of five days is an opportunity to meet them! 
The Festival of Nature is also a great time of emergency awareness and issues of protection of biodiversity. It raises questions about man's place in nature and its responsibility in the conservation of biodiversity. 

brain drain 
Brain drain is the departure of educated or talented persons for better pay or jobs elsewhere. The term originated about 1960, when many British scientists and intellectuals immigrated to the United States for a better working climate. 
Economically speaking, brain drain means an emigration of trained and talented individuals ("human capital") to other nations because of conflicts and lack of opportunity. It parallels the term "capital flight" which refers to financial capital that is no longer invested in the country where its owner lived and earned it.
When a highly qualified professional chooses to leave his own country for another, he does so for one or several legitimate political or economic reasons: peace and security for himself and his family, job satisfaction, better pay and conditions, a higher standard of living, etc. Throughout history, countries and centres of academic excellence which offer these attractions have received the largest numbers of professional migrants and these have, in turn, made substantial contributions, not only to the economic growth of their host countries, but also to the scientific and technological advancement of humanity.The loss of such bog number of skilled immigrants results in huge losses that are very difficult to compensate for even in long years to come. The brain drain is actually affecting the economies and social structures of a country, especially the emerging countries that have to do everything they can to stop this phenomenon.
Finally, I do believe that it is the responsibility of both governments and individuals to try harder to stop the flow of highly skilled people from their own countries resulting in a brain drain that affects each and every society.

Advances in technology
Technology is a broad concept that deals with a people’s usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects man’s ability to control and adapt to its environment. In human society, technology is a consequence of science and engineering. In the last two centuries, humanity has witnessed great technological developments that are not to be paralleled with any other past times in history. These technological advances range from the invention of the light bulb to the latest wireless computers and internet devices. But what are the implications of these technological advances on our societies.
To begin with, technological advances have helped people use tools and materials that made life easier for them. To give one example, the use of the phone and the internet has made it extremely possible to communicate with any person on any other part of the world. So, the limitations in communication that we had in the past are all over by now. Academically speaking, students no longer rely today entirely on books to look for the information they need to do a research. Rather they are invited now to search the internet and get ready-made information that saves both time and effort. Spatially speaking, people managed to set their foot on the moon and discover things that were in the past only myths for many of us. 
However technological advances have had also their negative sides. To illustrate to that, internet use has made the gap even greater between those who have access to it and those who don’t. Let us remember that there are those who can’t have yet access even to electricity to use all those technological advances which seem to be made mainly for those who have the means to buy it. The advances in telecommunication have also made people more selfish in the sense
that everyone now has his/her mobile phone; and we no longer have family conversations or calls for the whole family. Every one holds private conversations on the phone that other can’t know about. For all these reasons, I believe that one has to look at the other side of the coin and believe that technological development is double-edged. 
To conclude, and as far as I am concerned, technological advances are a major step in the development of nations and societies and it is imperative to make good use of those developments and make it accessible to all individuals in theworld.

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